Tips on Choosing the Right Corrugated Box for Your Products

When choosing the right corrugated box for your packaging needs, always ensure that the box is stackable on pallets, produced sustainably, and fully recyclable. Ultimately, the perfect corrugated box should be able to protect your products during shipping or delivery to customers.

The corrugated box is the most widely used packaging materials in the world. Both big and small businesses choose corrugated boxes because of their superior and flexible properties.

When deciding on the right corrugated box for your products, ensure you make this decision with the help of an industry expert. The right carton box supplier in Malaysia should be able to help you deliver the proper packing box to meet your product and customer needs.

Since there are different types of corrugated boxes available on the market, from a single wall to double-wall to custom box packaging, consider and discuss the factors below with your manufacturer.

1. Your kind of product

Answering the questions below should get you started in choosing the right box:

What is the weight of your product?

Are there certain constraints that need to be addressed when stacking pallets of finished products in your warehouse?

Does your downstream supply chain involve long-distance transportation, transport in humid conditions, rough terrain, etc.?

Your answers to the above questions will help you and your box supplier determine the quality of the packaging your product needs along with the perfect configuration. The configuration includes the fluting and the liner.

Fluting: This is the inner layer of the cardboard used to produce the required flutes. The flutes determine the strength of the box.

Liner: This is the outer and inner layers of the cardboard that determines the appearance of the box.

Types of corrugated flutes & boxes

2. The right box for specific products

Corrugated boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. There’s one that comes with four closing flaps and is sealed by tape. There are others with just a lid and handles, and others that you can conveniently insert your product.

Therefore, if you manufacture different types of products, one style of corrugated cardboard box may not be fit for all your products. Consider the different variations of cardboard boxes for specific products.

different sizes of carboard boxes

3. Box dimension for cost optimization

When working with a carton box supplier in Malaysia, such as GCB (Golden Corrugated Box), we will offer the perfect packaging solution for protecting your products, optimising your packaging process, and making your logistics chain more sustainable.

Our professionals will need to know the length, width, and height of your products. The length of the box is usually higher than or equal to the width. The inside dimensions indicate the space available for the main product. The outside dimensions indicate the size available for storing on the pallet and also the area taken up by the store shelf.

Finally, we will determine the flat size, which tells the amount of corrugated cardboard that is needed to produce the box. The larger the flat size, the higher the price tag of the packaging.

optimizing space with cardboard boxes

4. Printing technique

This is where you consider the right type of corrugated material that will display your logo, slogan, image, or graphic design. You should also consider the type of material that will display technical product information like product specifications, barcodes, or QR codes.

The print technique will depend on the number of colours in your design and the cardboard type. There are three print techniques, including:

Flexo printing: This technique supports all colour designs. It is the most commonly used print technique, especially for large print runs. It is also cost-effective.

Digital printing: For this technique, the inks are more expensive, but the print can easily be customised. It is perfect for startup businesses, smaller runs, or seasonal packaging designs.

Offset printing: This technique provides excellent print quality. The plates used are hard but not flexible; therefore, it is not suitable for all materials.

Customized Cardboard Box

Last but not least, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced carton box supplier or manufacturer in Malaysia, such as GCB (Golden Corrugated Box) to figure out the best-corrugated packaging solution for your products. Our experts will help you determine if your product requires a single wall, double wall, or custom box packaging. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.