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GCB is a leading corrugated carton box manufacturer and supplier in Selangor, Malaysia.
We design and manufacture a wide range of custom corrugated carton boxes in various sizes and designs.

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Selangor Custom Packaging Carton Box Supplier

Located in Beranang (part of the Kajang area), we strive to produce the highest quality corrugated products at the most affordable prices. Our offerings are suitable for shipping, promotional displays, storage, food packaging, transportation warehousing, and ecommerce.

Our carton boxes ensure durability, strength, and excellent protection for your products during storage and transportation. With ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications (UKAS & DSM), along with CePSWsM accreditation, we've been a trusted Corrugated Carton Box Manufacturer and Supplier since 1996.

Experienced in Corrugated Board & Carton Boxes Manufacturing

We offer a diverse selection of custom carton boxes as eco-friendly alternatives for exporters, ensuring efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.

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With our extensive expertise, count on us for superior quality, competitive rates, tailored solutions, and dedicated support to match your precise needs.

Corrugated Carton Boxes

A corrugated carton box is a packaging container made from corrugated fiberboard, typically used for shipping, storage, and product packaging due to its strength and durability.

Die Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes are custom-made cardboard containers that are precisely cut into specific shapes and designs using a die, providing tailored packaging solutions for various products.

Regular Slotted Carton

A regular slotted carton (RSC) is a standard cardboard box design with flaps that meet at the center, typically used for packaging and shipping various goods.

Top & Bottom Lid Boxes

Top and bottom boxes, also known as “full overlap boxes,” have flaps on both the top and bottom that fully overlap when closed, providing extra protection for the contents inside.

Panel Wrap Boxes

Panel wrap boxes feature panels that wrap around the entire box, providing additional strength and protection for the contents. They are commonly used for heavy or fragile items.

Kraft Paper Boxes

Kraft paper boxes are made from sturdy, unbleached kraft paper, known for its strength and durability. They are commonly used for packaging various products due to their eco-friendly nature.

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Carton Box Manufacturing at Beranang Selangor, Malaysia

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FAQs About Corrugated Boxes

A carton box, commonly referred to as a cardboard box, is a versatile packaging container typically made of corrugated cardboard. In shipping, carton boxes are used to protect goods during transit, providing cushioning and support to prevent damage. In warehousing, they facilitate efficient storage and organization of products, optimizing space utilization. In manufacturing, carton boxes are utilized for packaging finished goods, raw materials, and components, streamlining production processes. In ecommerce, carton boxes are essential for packaging and delivering products to customers, ensuring safe and secure transportation from the seller to the buyer. Overall, carton boxes play a crucial role across various industries and applications, offering cost-effective and reliable packaging solutions.

Corrugated cardboard is often considered one of the best materials for boxes due to its strength, durability, and versatility. It provides excellent protection for various products during shipping and storage while also being lightweight and cost-effective. Additionally, its recyclability makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

The term “short-flap” or “full-overlap” in corrugated carton boxes refers to the way the flaps of the box close. “Short-flap” means the flaps do not fully overlap when closed, while “full-overlap” means they completely cover each other.

Yes, cardboard boxes are recyclable. Cardboard is made from paper, which comes from trees. Recycling cardboard reduces the need for new cardboard production, conserves natural resources, and reduces environmental impact. To recycle cardboard boxes, flatten them to save space and drop them off at a recycling center or include them in your curbside recycling collection. Make sure the boxes are clean and free of any contaminants like food residue or grease, as this can interfere with the recycling process. Recycling cardboard helps to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly waste management system.

A carton typically refers to a container made of paperboard or thin cardboard, often used for packaging items like milk or juice. On the other hand, a cardboard box is a broader term that encompasses various types of boxes made from thicker cardboard or corrugated material, commonly used for shipping, storage, or packaging various products. While both are made from paper-based materials, the main difference lies in their thickness and intended use.

However, corrugated carton boxes are made from a type of cardboard known as corrugated fiberboard, which consists of fluted sheets sandwiched between two linerboards. This construction provides strength, rigidity, and cushioning, making corrugated carton boxes ideal for shipping, storage, and packaging fragile or heavy items. They are commonly used in various industries due to their durability and versatility.

A carton box is also commonly referred to as a cardboard box. This versatile packaging solution is made of sturdy paperboard material and is widely used for shipping, storage, and various other purposes due to its durability and affordability.


Yes, corrugated cardboard is generally stronger than regular cardboard. Corrugated cardboard consists of a fluted inner layer sandwiched between two flat outer layers, providing it with added strength and durability. This structure makes it ideal for packaging applications where extra protection and rigidity are required, such as shipping boxes and heavy-duty packaging. Regular cardboard, on the other hand, is typically a single layer of paperboard and may not offer the same level of strength as corrugated cardboard.

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