How to Sanitize and Disinfect Carton Boxes Packages?

Following social distancing and other guidelines to limit the spread of the COVID-19 is still important to ensure you remain safe and healthy. The world has certainly made great advancements in fighting the virus with the help of vaccines and thorough testing.

At the same time, you should also know the process of properly sanitizing and disinfecting the carton box packages because the rapid boom of the e-commerce industry means a large number of people around the world are into online shopping and are receiving numerous packages on a regular basis.

This article explains the entire process of cleaning the carton boxes and minimizing your chance of getting any virus or germs from the packages.

What To Do Before Shopping Online?

You should create a decontamination area on the porch or somewhere on your property where you do not go on a regular basis. You will be leaving the items in this area for at least three days to remove any trace of the germs and especially coronavirus.

Make sure that this area is completely clean and does not have any existing contamination. Otherwise, there is a risk that your newer products and carton boxes can get contaminated.

Opening Packages on an Emergency Basis

It is highly possible that you might want to open an emergency package immediately, especially when it contains some essential or perishable items.

In such a situation, you should open the carton box outside of your property or on a floor instead of the table or kitchen counter because you are likely to be in contact with these surfaces more often.

Importance of Using Time as an Effective Sanitizer

One of the cheapest and most effective methods of disinfecting the carton boxes is to leave them untouched for a few days before opening them. Generally, the risk of contracting coronavirus from the carton box is less because it can live on cardboard for only 24 hours.

However, box package suppliers also use other types of materials besides paper (such as plastics for the label), so it is a good idea to leave the box unopened for at least three to five days. Once you receive a parcel, you should ‘quarantine’ it in a dedicated area.

Benefits of UV Light

Ultraviolet (UV) light has proven to be effective against different types of bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing fungi. You can greatly benefit from cleaning through UV light by either using UV-C products or relying on natural sunlight.

Moreover, some carton box suppliers also offer sanitizing and disinfecting techniques to ensure you remain safe and healthy.

How to Deal with Different Types of Items?

The exact cleaning and disinfection process can greatly vary on the basis of the item and the carton box you are dealing with. Follow these tips to ensure you are properly cleaning them:

a. Fresh Produce

Run a sink full of water with soap and ensure your hands are clean and sanitized. Put all of the fresh produce in soapy water and throw the bag into the trash or separate decontamination.

Leave the produce for at least 15 minutes and then rinse under running water before putting it on a clean cloth.

b. Perishable Items

It is also possible that you might be dealing with perishable items that are often put in plastic bags or even carton boxes. In such a situation, you should remove them from the packing with clean hands and put them in the cleaning area.

Empty the perishable such as meat from the bag and place it under running water. Keep in mind that there is a high chance that food items can be contaminated, so you have to ensure their cleaning as well.

In Closing

When it is done correctly, you can clean and disinfect any type of packaging material, including a carton box and custom box packaging. Follow these steps to ensure you can open a box safely:

1. Open the carton box carefully and do not touch it unnecessarily to avoid contact with the virus. If you are using a scissor to open the box, you must disinfect it later to prevent cross-contamination.

2. Wash or sanitize your hands after opening the box.

3. Extract the content of the carton box and leave the packaging outside for at least one day if you want to use it later or throw it in the recycling bin.

4. Thoroughly wash your hands.