GCB’s Commitment to Competent Waste Management for a Greener Future

We are pleased to announce a significant milestone in GCB’s journey towards environmental sustainability.

In a bid to strengthen our commitment to responsible waste management practices, we have successfully sent our staff to the “Certified Environmental Professional in Scheduled Wastes Management” (CePSWaM) training programme. 

Ensuring Competence for a Greener Future

Scheduled wastes, by their very nature, demand rigorous handling and disposal processes to prevent environmental pollution, safeguard ecosystems, and protect human health.

GCB has long been dedicated to upholding the highest standards in environmental responsibility, and our decision to invest in the CePSWaM training programme is a testament to this commitment.

The CePSWaM certification programme equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to manage scheduled wastes effectively, in accordance with the legal obligations set forth by the Department of Environment (DOE) in Malaysia.

Our participation in this unique and hands-on training course, in collaboration with Greenvell and EIMAS, demonstrates our dedication to becoming leaders in responsible waste management.

The Benefits of Certification

By successfully sending our staff through the CePSWaM training programme, GCB now boasts a Competent Person dedicated to overseeing proper waste management practices. 

This certification is not just a badge of honour but a concrete step towards ensuring that scheduled waste management within our organization adheres to regulatory frameworks, understands waste properties, and embraces best management practices.

Our newly certified Competent Person is now equipped to tackle the challenges of managing scheduled wastes. They understand the critical role of responsible waste management in preventing environmental pollution and protecting human health.

A Greener Tomorrow

As a sustainability driven company, GCB believes that environmental stewardship is not just a duty but an opportunity to create a better world. We understand that improper waste management can have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, we proudly announce our achievement in sending our staff to the CePSWaM training programme.

We envision a future where responsible waste management practices are the norm, not the exception. GCB’s commitment to this vision is unwavering.

Join Us in Celebrating Sustainability

We invite our partners, customers, and the entire community to join us in celebrating this achievement. GCB remains dedicated to improving our environmental performance and ensuring that our operations have a minimal impact on the environment. 

We’re excited about the positive impact we can make, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.